Jetsam #1: Our Hero

We’re proud to introduce Jetsam – the lovable robot protagonist of our upcoming iOS game of the same name.


Abandoned in space, our hero boots up to find the letters JETSAM emblazoned across the interior of his small space capsule. Upon perusing the materials present inside, he finds the meaning of the acronym – he is a Junior Engineer in Training for the Scrap Acquisition Machines company. He’s been dispatched to this remote corner of space to salvage worthwhile scrap material from the wreckage and space junk all around.

With nothing else to go on, he’s dropped into his first mission: enter an asteroid field, collect the scrap, and return to the extraction point.


Jetsam quickly learns that moving spends one unit of fuel and carries him indefinitely in a direction until he collides with something solid. Can he be the most fuel efficient robot known to all of Scrap Acquisition Machines? What other mysterious things are out there in the vastness of space? Will the MSPaint-drawn square asteroids eventually be replaced with real graphics?

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