“It’s like being in a band, for programmers”

So we finally sucked it up and decided to legitimize our side projects. We even got ourselves a fancy six-letter domain name.

Welcome to Zonzle, a company about making awesome mobile games.

Of course, developing games is to a programmer like being in a band is to a hobbyist musician – something most would certainly love to do, but something few manage to actually make a living from. We’re each too cynical to work for a triple-A game company (have you seen how draconian typical working conditions in the industry are?), but we’re each too naive and optimistic to let the dream die without a fight.

The barriers to entry are low. The market is saturated. The odds are stacked against us.

We have nothing to lose.

We’re cooking up our first iOS game at the moment. Details may begin to leak as it bakes. In the meantime, enjoy tilting your screen back and forth and determining whether our site’s theme color is blue, purple, or blurple. Pixels are WEIRD.

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